“Get Your F*cking Ass Up & Work”

American Oligarchs Think They Can Get Away With Murder

Kim Kardashian, American Oligarch, and ex-wife of rapper Ye, recently caught some attention in the media after her advice to working women, “Get your f*cking ass up and work!” went viral due to its tone-deafness. Many fans and viewers criticized that it was in very poor taste for Kim to give advice to the working class when she, herself, has not worked a blue-collar job since 2006. 

This particular incidence of tone-deafness is not without precedent. Just two years ago at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, when many Americans were experiencing isolation and quarantine in their now undersized abodes, American Oligarchs were suffering through their two-week isolation in their mansions and yachts while commiserating with the thousands of Americans who were impacted financially by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The above example compiled with examples of any large company not passing their Covid-19 profits onto its employees shows me that once a person or entity has accumulated enough money, ethics are no longer a concern. This frightening fact comes on the backs of shockingly tone-deaf quotes and brash decisions about projects and wages with late-stage capitalistic undertones. Mediums such as social media have given the lives of the fortunate an amplified voice with which they can espouse their views.

While free speech in social media is important for a functioning society, the same coin can also give way to normalizing the near ridiculous thoughts and wishes of the overtly wealthy. Once normalized, no one would bat an eye at American Oligarch Kim Kardashian announcing that women ought to get off their asses and work or billionaire Elon Musk trolling politician Bernie Sanders who dared suggest that the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, which would benefit all people.

Anti-community-oriented behavior like this should not be normalized nor should it be acceptable in any way to give to the welfare of the people. Aside from tasteless epithets, these overtly wealthy Americans are performing even more gaudy actions than they’re openly discussing.

One such instance that comes to mind is the billionaire space race. This race was a friendly competition between Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson who have a combined net worth of over $400 billion, which reached a boiling point in 2021 when both billionaire Richard Branson and billionaire Jeff Bezos each made their own self-funded trips to space.

Jeff Bezos and his Blue Origin space shuttle. Photo by NASAKennedy, licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

These two trips were the culmination of a multi-decade pissing contest that wasted potentially billions of dollars and contributed to several hundred tons of greenhouse gasses being released into our atmosphere.

One singular rocket launch (test or not) releases approximately 300 tons of carbon dioxide (the most abundant greenhouse gas) into our atmosphere over the course of a few minutes, to say that privately-owned companies should have this amount of impact on our environment just for the pleasure of visiting outer space seems completely ludacris.  

With the precedents such as those above, the point that you can do anything with money is as pungent as ever. And it is becoming increasingly apparent that the rich believe that this saying goes double for them.

As their exploits and rhetoric spiral out of control, I am reminded of Ye’s newest album “DONDA 2,” and the Yeezy album “STEM PLAYER.” This album was a follow-up to his previous album “DONDA” which served as a reflection on Ye’s deceased mother and his recent separation from Kim Kardashian.

In the lead-up to these two albums, fans and bystanders witnessed the most depraved public relations campaign of all time as Ye made Instagram post after post in a desperate attempt to express his artistic prowess while expressing his love for his ex-wife.

Amidst the release of the original “DONDA” album came the release of the Yeezy “STEM PLAYER,” which is a sort of digital audio player or DAP that is capable of splitting regular MP3 music files into their constituent instruments. This device could be bought following the release of “DONDA” on streaming platforms with the album preloaded on it.

Months before the release of “DONDA 2” Ye, the billionaire, announced that his new album would be made available only through the $200 stem player because the streaming industry does not pay its artists enough.

This move was both tone-deaf and outright greedy as the majority of his fans were unwilling to pay $200 for an album from a man who has created such a poor image for himself online. Those who did for over the $200 for the device were ultimately disappointed by a half-baked desperate album that feels more like a demo tape than a complete project. 

Distasteful tweets and rocket launches aside, the wealthy elite of the world have long used their money and notoriety to buy forgiveness for their many transgressions. While we as humans are prome to error and often err on the side of idocy; billionaires have developed the mentality that everything they do must be on some amplified level. The kardashian have been in the spotlight for the past decade due to their polarizing public appearnace and determiniation to publicize their entire lives. Therefore, the tansgressions of the Kardashian are anything but hidden yet seldomly talked about.

Featured photo by Unknown author is licensed under CC BY-ND.

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